Ein kleiner virtueller Rundgang durch unser neues Zuhause…

So, mal ein kleines Video von unserer neuen Bleibe, damit ich nicht alle meine Email beantworten muss, haha:

Wenn ich Lust habe stell ich am Sonntag noch meh rein! Haben auch noch nen guten Stapel Bilder geknipst!

Meiling und Sven

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3 Gedanken zu „Ein kleiner virtueller Rundgang durch unser neues Zuhause…“

  1. Nice video and nice looking place! I recognize a familiar face or two (aside from yours, of course). I’ve been doing good; just started classes and I plan to pass the HSK by next year. I’ve been reading your blog even if I haven’t been commenting. Stay well.

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    1. Sam!!!

      Good to hear you old friend! Yes, we are becoming couch potatos ;-)
      You are kidding? Would tell it to the boss immedialely if he would be arround! I am prepared for some nice talking via skype next year. For sure in chinese ;.)

      Cool Sam, I am to busy to blog in the same frequency in English!
      Hope to hear you soon old friend, take care,
      a hug from Meiling (she jjust asked if it was „our Sam“ that left a comment ;-)), Sven

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